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BOXrentals offers an outstanding range of high quality products specifically selected for the creative production industry. We spot practical solutions for problems and bring them to the market.

Our equipment can be rented in packages or as single items, at a competitive pricing. We want to provide the best possible quality and service. Located in between Antwerp and Brussels you can count on BOXrentals for a flexible 24/7 hire and delivery. 


anything that involves a camera

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Thanks to our unit- and location management experience for 15 years we fully understand logistical requirements and needs of working on location. All equipment to support your professional crew and have them work in the best circumstances.


anything that involves entertainment

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Support equipment rentals for your crew and event, beyond flexibility. No matter how big or small your production team or venue is, it always deserves that extra bit of logistical equipment. Your focus is on entertaining people, our focus is on supporting you.

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Browse our catalog and find anything you might ever need to support your crew or event. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we’ll help you out, whatever it takes, whenever needed. Just call us and give us a challenge! It’s our passion to find a solution when you need it. Click the STAR and tweet us directly.

opening hours

We understand last minute needs and time critical demands of the creative production industry. BOXrentals supports you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Regular hours
Monday - Saturday 9AM -> 7PM
Special hours - appointment
Monday - Sunday 7PM -> 9AM

delivery or collection

All items can be collected from our shop and warehouse or delivered 24/7 to your set, venue or doorstep. Let us know when and where you need it and we"ll make it happen.